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In addition to our great prices and excellent quality, we offer amazing quantity discounts! Don't forget to keep these in mind when deciding what to order.

Blank Bars

Blank Indica Dark Chocolate 100mg - $16 each

Blank Salted Caramel Pretzel Chocolate 100mg - $16 each

Blank Sativa Dark Chocolate 100mg - $16 each

Blank Birthday Cake Chocolate 100mg - $16 each

Blank CBD Strawberry Bar 1:1 Ratio 200mg - $20 each

Cheef Naturals

Cheef Chews Indica 100mg - $12 each

Cheef Naturals Superfruit Bar 100mg - $14 each

Cheef Chews Sativa 100mg - $12 each

Cheef Naturals Organic Crunch Bar 100mg - $14

Cheef Chews CBD 50mg - $14 each

Valhalla Gummies

Sativa/Indica Tropical Twist 100mg - $20 each

Sativa/Indica Sour Watermelon 100mg - $20 each

CBD Tropical Twist/Tangerine
 100mg CBD/50mg THC - $24 each


Blank Brand Canna-Caps

Blank Sativa Canna-Caps 50mg 10 capsules - $40 each

Blank CBD Canna-Caps 1:1 Ratio 40mg 10 capsules - $40 each

Blank Indica Canna-Caps 50mg
10 capsules - $40 each

Hashman Capsules

CBD 1:1 THC 20mg
2 capsules - $10 each

CBD Hash Caps 1:1 THC 20mg 5 capsules - $25 each

La Vida Verde Capsules and Tinctures

La Vida Verde Sativa Tincture 300 mg - $30 each

La Vida Verde Indica Tincture 300 mg - $30 each

La Vida Verde Chamomile Wellness Capsules 200mg - $20 each

La Vida Verde CBD 1:1 Tincture 600mg - $34

La Vida Verde Tumeric Wellness Capsules 200mg - $20 each

Important Edible Information


Ingesting cannabis eliminates any potential damage of the lungs caused by the inhalation of smoke. When you ingest cannabis, your body further processes THC in the liver into a compound that can prove to be more psychoactive than the original parent compound.  This provides a stronger, longer lasting effect. Indica edibles are more sedative, which makes them suitable for patients who experience sleep disturbances caused by insomnia or pain.  Sativa edibles can be uplifting and increase alertness, and are therefore helpful for patients who need relief while still being active during the day.

Cannabinoids take much longer to start working through ingestion, please be patient! It may take an hour or longer for you to feel the comforting effects.



1. Edibles are labeled with total potency, and many with information about single doses.  Read everything!

2. One dose is generally considered 10mg.  We recommend starting with 10mg or less.

3. Wait 60 minutes and see how you are feeling.

4. If you are feeling medicated or likely medicated, wait another hour and re-evaluate.

5. If you feel nothing, take another dose and wait another hour.

6. Continue a similar version of the above until you begin to learn what works best for you.

Also, when eating an edible, make sure it is chewed for a longer time than usual.  Appreciable absorption can occur through the tissue in the mouth, leading into the bloodstream. This avoids the first pass liver detoxification that can filter out cannabinoids, and makes for a more therapeutic response.

Tinctures/Sublingual Sprays


A tincture is often an alcohol-based liquid mixture, containing concentrated plant extract.  Tinctures of cannabis are commonly made using alcohol, oil or glycerin.  


Tinctures and sub-lingual sprays have fast acting effects similar to smoked or vaped cannabis products, thereby making it an ideal product for individuals who wish for a quick-acting delivery method that doesn't involve inhalation of smoke or vapor.


Shake bottle well before each use, and store in a cool place. Follow the edibles directions above carefully.