Lab Testing with SCLabs

We send all of our products in for full cannabinoid profiling tests. As the results come back, we will post them on our menu (the lab is very busy, so there are occasional delays, but we post them the moment we have them). You can check out the list of strains we've tested at www.sclabs.com, or click on the links in the menu below to see results for each strain.

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Organic Jack White - 17.14% Total Cannabinoids

$12 / gram


  Compared to our other batches of Jack Herer this Jack White may not be on par, but a lowered price tag and clean-green organic quality will make this flower go far!

View the lab results

Organic Pooh - 17.97% Total Cannabinoids

$15 / gram


  Pooh is our house strain - it's effects are that of an indica dominant hybrid, producing a very mellow effect with little couchlock and lethargy, resulting in a strain well suited for unwinding at the end of the day without risk of extremely sedative effects. It's aroma is one of tropical fruit and a rich dessert.

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Organic Chiesel - 23.35% Total Cannabinoids

$15 / gram


  A pungent cross between NYC Diesel and UK Cheese, Chiesel's fuel aroma instantly fills the room. Strong Sativa genetics dominate this strain, resulting in an energetic effect perfect for daytime use.

View the lab results

Organic Strawberry Fields - 13.9% Total Cannabinoids

$13 / gram


  A typically dense and sedative indica, Strawberry Fields is named after the aromatic scents of strawberry plants and is generally a dark green hue with dark orange pistils. Best suited for evening and night time use.

View the lab results

Organic Blue Dream - 19.86% Total Cannabinoids

$15 / gram


With a fruity, spicy taste and an aroma resplendent of fresh pine needles, this highly sought-after flower also appeals to true connoisseurs. This strain allows for productivity, and encourages creativity and inspiration. With just a touch of Indica, Blue Dream is great for daytime pain relief.

Organic Candy Jack - 19.04% Total Cannabinoids

$15 / gram


These dense olive-green nuggets are sticky with dank trichomes and brilliant bright-orange pistils. Candy Jack boasts an outstanding candy cane scent and flavor.

Organic Candyland - 24.66% Total Cannabinoids

$15 / gram


Relieves pain, muscle tension, and sour moods. Strong sativa genetics give Candyland uplifting and stimulating effects, making it a perfect strain for social gatherings or creative pastimes.

Organic Girl Scout Cookies - 21.72% Total Cannabinoids

$12 / gram

Sativa Hybrid

A popular flavor of the month, this spicy-earthy blend with mint undertones will produce a heavy smoke. Within moments of inhaling, cerebral effects take hold leaving you energetic and uplifted. Use during the day to enhance moods, relieve migraines and as a muscle relaxer.

Organic Strawberry Cough - 17.09% Total Cannabinoids

$15 / gram


Strawberry Cough exhibits a strong aroma of strawberries and light hay, hinting at it's strong cerebral effects that result in a happy and uplifting effect, making it an excellent strain for daytime use.

All Natural RAW Cones

$4 / Roll

An all natural Raw cone filled with assorted strains' sugar-leaf

Assorted "Smoob Tubes"

$12 / Tube

Each tube is filled with 2.4 grams of "smalls" - for only $12 a tube!

You may be wondering, "What are smalls?" Smalls are the same high-quality, Clean Green certified flower that you're used to receiving - only smaller flower "buds"!

Our processing department works carefully to ensure that only our most visually appealing and quality-size flower reaches our retail jars, while the "smalls" are separated.

This deal is for a very limited time only - call your driver to arrange a delivery!

Supplies are also limited - purchases on tubes are limited to four (4) tubes maximum per member, per day.

Valid while supplies last.