Frequently Asked Questions

I am from out of town, can I get a delivery to my hotel room?

No. For security reasons, our drivers can only deliver to private residences. We cannont deliver to any hotels or public places, including parks, businesses and campgrounds. If you have a valid CA recommendation and have friends or family in the area who will allow you to receive the delivery at their house, we are happy to make a delivery there.

Where do I get a doctor's recommendation?

You can call one of the following Doctors’ offices and they can help you with making an appointment and what you would need to bring.  Past medical records are usually required.  The fee can range from $80-$120.

In Santa Cruz/Monterey Counties:
Santa Cruz

In San Luis Obispo County:
Arroyo Grande
  • David Balter - (805) 481-1181, Central Coast Medical Referrals
San Luis Obispo
Santa Maria


I have privacy concerns, how does Ethnobotanica protect my information?

Ethno operates and follows all HIPPA rules, which means we operate under the same confidentiality rules as a doctor’s office when it comes to patient information. We do not give out personal information to anyone, for any reason. Drivers also do not drive any marked vehicles or carry any visibly marked items.

Do I need to tell my driver what I want?

No. Our drivers carry a complete variety of current stock so you can see what's available before you make your decision. If you have a special request, you can mention it to your driver and he can tell you if it's currently in stock. If at any time you would like to place a special order for edibles, please call our office and let us know. Our baker is always looking for a new challenge!

Your ad says "no delivery fee", why was I charged a delivery fee?

If you live in our “extended areas” area, we do charge an extra delivery fee, which goes to the driver to compensate the for them extra time and gas it takes to service these areas.

View our map to see our delivery areas.