Quotes I'm a chronic pain patient who just got their rec, and I had no idea what I was doing. I got everything set up and placed an order with Mark. Not only did he give me a time of arrival, but he even showed up early. I was a little awkward at first, but Mark put me at complete ease, and talked to me about what exactly I was looking for. I settled on a strain, he gave me the info about it and some tips for the other goodies I picked out, and even gave me a card for my husband so that he could get a discounted rec. All in all, fantastic service, fantastic people, and I'm super happy that Mark's my area's driver, because he knows his stuff. 10/10 amazing people and amazing place. Quotes
Incredibly happy!

Quotes Being a member of the Ethnobotanica collective has been nothing but a good experience. The medicine is good quality with a typically wide selection of fairly priced Sativa's and Indica's. Both the delivery drivers - Brandon and Rich - that have come to my home have been professional as well as pleasant to hang out with. Thanks a bunch Ethno, I am definitely satisfied in SLO! Quotes
Satisfied in SLO

Quotes I've been with Ethnobotanic for a while now, and I have to say I'm quite impressed and pleased with the progress they've made as a collective, they always have a great selection of meds at fair prices. They have many different kinds of edibles, tinctures, balms, low/mid/high grade indoor and outdoor cannabis, an excellent selection of hashes, joints, and they always try their best to get it to you in an extremely timely fashion. The delivery drivers are always polite, respectful, legitimately care about the people they deliver to, and are simply a joy to deal with. Ethnobotanica is one of the best coops I've been to, and I've from Humboldt to L.A. and back again. Highly recommended to any and all Medicinal Marijuana patients. Quotes
A wonderful experiance....

Quotes I am a disabled vet and have severe back pain and nerve pain. I do not like taking pills (am allergic to many) and do not care for the side effects. I came to the end of my rope with the pain when a friend told me about this type of medical care. Went to the clinic in Monterey and was cleared to get the help I needed. My driver was Mark, who called me twice to tell me he was stuck in traffic. When he arrived, it was like meeting a good friend. He explained the various medications, etc and left me with two types for me to give a try. I was at ease and relaxed during the whole time Mark was with me. What a friendly, helpful man! Thank you Mark, you're a dear! Tried my medicine this evening and experienced the first real sleep that I've had in YEARS! Thank you all for your caring and your professionalism ! Quotes

Quotes I have to say that I have continually purchased from Ethno for about 4 years and my drivers here in SLO are the Bomb! So is Stephanie in the office. They have helped me try things and made suggestions to help me. I get a discount due to income and that just shows how compassionate Ethnobotanica is. Weights are always dead on and the quality of bud is pretty stable. Easy to get the same thing time and again and it still works cause they grow it! Quotes
William Lampkin
Chronic Pain Patient

Quotes I have been with Ethnobotanica for about three months now and it has been a fantastic experience! I am disabled with a chronic pain condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The long and short of it is my normal pain response never shuts down. I feel pain 24 hours a day at excruciating levels. There is no cure. So the normal treatment is physical therapy and pain management, which includes high doses of narcotics. So I said no more to the narcotics and switched to medical cannabis. The withdrawals were horrendous, and the cannabis helped me through it, I am grateful. Dante has been a great and very helpful delivery driver. He has helped me in choosing what would be best for my situation. You all went way beyond the call recently in designing a candy for me that would suit my needs and they are perfect. As a matter of fact, I need more! Thanks so much for everything! Quotes
Jon Wells

Quotes Sean is without a doubt the best driver you guys have. hes always promt with returning calls, making it to my house, and just all around an awesome, smart, individual. hope you guys treat him right and keep him for as long as you can. Quotes
Completely satisfied patient.

Quotes Member of Co-Op for a number of years. I really like the new "Lab Tests". I have my favorites, yet its good to see how all the varieties measure up. One things I would like to see, if possible, a list showing all the varieties "percentile" in their grouping. Easier than checking each one individually.. I tried many other Co-Ops but I stayed with "PotDeli" best at what they do!! WtW Quotes
Lab Tests

Quotes out here by the castle. driver called set up a time and was here with nice meds. enjoying. delivery fee a lil high. but worth it. Quotes
first time

Quotes After becoming a member 2 months ago I Just ordered and received my first delivery from Rich. He is very knowledgeable. He listened to every word I said and we discussed what was available for medicating my 24/7 headache pain from a tumor. The more than reasonable prices surprised me as I am on a fixed income. Quotes
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