Quotes - when there percentages off were much better than now? - when the cap for top shelf was $13? - when if you traded in containers, you were rewarded for recycling? - when you were able to use credit card? why is it increasingly harder/more inconvenient to buy from potdeli when there are more and more deliveries popping up all over california? shouldn't competition drive the price down and make the medication we need more affordable? Quotes

Quotes Just want to say, Thanks to everyone at the company for always going the extra mile with every delivery. I have never had a bad experience and always appreciate the efficient and professional service they have always provided. In a business everyone makes such a taboo and bad thing they make sure you always feel normal getting your medication and make sure you get the best quality for the best price. I will always be a loyal client and will only refer and/or use this club for all of my medicinal needs after the experiences I have had trying to deal with others. Kudos to the entire staff to a job well done and keep up the good work, and Ritch is one of the best drivers on staff. Keep up the great work guys!!! Quotes
Always above and beyond

Quotes When they tell you the cookie is POTENT, especially for a 'newby', LISTEN to the EXPERTS! The service was great and I wish I had listened so that my first experience would have been without a visit from the local EMT because I ate a HALF of the cookie instead of, as directed, a quarter plus an eighth! NEVER again, next time, I will do EXACTLY what I was told! THANK YOU FOR THE SERVICE, my pains were ALL the way gone for the first time in a long time, thank you thank you, thank you! Quotes

Quotes This was my first purchase with Ethnobotanica and what a great experience. Called up to get verified, no problems. Contacted driver, Chris (who by the way, is an awesome guy) made the delivery, done. Chris was very nice to work with, he is very knowledgeable and was courteous. Will be a returning customer, over and over and over.......you get it. Quotes
Great service, Awesome Driver

Quotes It was a little weird at first when Jeff came to my door, felt a little awkward. But i was immediately put to ease. Jeff showed me what he had in stock. some of what i wanted he was out of but he quickly suggested a few others from the same strain. Jeff was very professional and knowledgeable. Great experience all around. My only regret is i couldn't tip him more =( Quotes
very saticfied

Quotes After many years of medicating for chronic pain, when I come across a strain that makes me dizzy on my first hit, I know it is going to be a pain killer. That is my experience with Candy Jack, a very special strain that I want to see more of. Kills anxiety, stress, pain, and turns on the creative juices. Thank goodness for this strain. Quotes
Candy Jack Will Ease Your Pain

Quotes Ryan came yesterday with a lot of knowledge and advice. He was a delightful young man who made the experience of buying our medicine easy and educational! This is the second time we've had a delivery and I can't compliment the team highly enough, the service they provide is critical to my care, (I have MS and my husband has arthritis). Thank you everyone who makes this possible and double thanks for having such wonderful delivery personnel, they make the process very enjoyable! Hopefully one day soon there will be no stigma associated with buying cannabis and we'll be able to access the product the same way we do alcohol. Until then LONG LIVE ETHNOBOTANICA!!!! Thanks so much CM in PB Quotes
happy in the forest

Quotes After another great get well package from steph, for those who severely ill, I highly recommend the tea drops, after going days without eating I tried some tea with one of the drops, within a hour, I was able to eat something and the nasusea was gone, I HIGHLY recommend the tea drops to fellow ethno patients with severe nausea, and THANK YOU again Steph and the entire ethno staff for all the help they have been given, and JEFF is a sincerely compassionate driver, he is a keeper!!!! Thanks again guys for helping me get tru this, I wouldnt know how I would survive without the help you give me!! Quotes
Thank You just doesnt say it enough

Quotes My first time experience with you was very enjoyable! The driver (Brandon) was very knowledgable about the different strains and gave excellent recommendations. Thank you for making this a stress-free experience! Quotes
Thank you for your assistance

Quotes In the last month my illness has taken a real dump for the worst and in 6 weeks the cost of meds alone wiped out my savings, worried I couldnt get my medical cannabis this month, which is the ONLY THING that works with nausea and pain in my case and called and talked to steph, WOW... she had jeff here the same day with some meds for relief and really helped me out in my time of crisis, thank you guys soooooo much!! steph you earned your angel bud wings today.. now I am off to eat again!! thank you.. jeri424 Quotes
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