Quotes I've been ordering from you guys for about 2 months now, and all I can say is the service is unparalleled to any other of the area. The drivers (Rich and Brandon) are always extremely friendly, and are very informed when it comes to what the medicine and make the whole process that much easier and enjoyable. They always have a good amount of stock, and the prompt service makes this go-to place for any of you medicinal needs. Quotes
Found the only delivery service I'll ever need

Quotes My first call to a dispensary did not go well... I'm soooo glad!!! Because the second place I called was Ethnobotanica/POT-Deli and they were perfect! I called and spoke to a very helpful assistant who got back to me within minutes after verifying my certificate. I called the driver as instructed and he arrived shortly after. Let me tell you, "driver" isn't the right term for what Ramiro does. The guy is aces with the 411 on Chronic. On top of that, he is as nice as pie, made me feel very comfortable, AND he is the consummate professional. He made some suggestions and set me right up! The product, Train Wreck and Green Crack (but not together!) were the first legal purchases I've ever made and it was such a great experience. The product is clean and fresh, there's an amazing variety of strains available, a scandalous number of different types of tasty & wonderful edibles, and the service is uncommonly personal as well as super-quick! I would rate you 5 pointy leaves out of 5! Quotes

Quotes We have great drivers and the price of gas keeps going up.These guys get paid by delivery only, They are like the postman no rain, sleet, or snow will keep them from doing their job. If you ;re able please tip your drivers so we can keep them around. A little graitude goes a long way. Quotes
Nice gesture

Quotes When I say, first experience, I mean with Ethnobotanica & being a MMJ patient, as a new resident to the lovely state of Kalifornia. Having just been verified earlier in the day by Jennifer, she was one of the most pleasant person's I've spoke with, I wanted to sample the fine selection I saw on Ethno's menu. I left a message after following the very simple instructions, and received a call back with 5 minutes. Brandon, was the driver on my shift tonight,, and he informed me he could be here in about 10 minutes, sure enough 10 minutes later, there he was! He was extremely professional, yet made me feel as we've been friend's for years! He went over the new member paperwork, and explained everything and answered all the questions any new member would have. Bottomline, GREAT DUDE! The selection was top shelf, and very nicely priced. Also wanting to try some edibles, so I got a few, again top shelf! PB Cups are AMAZING! I I'm a customer for life & thrilled to be a member! Quotes
My First Experience.....AAA+++ Great Impression!

Quotes I tried almost all of the available forms of medicine from Ethno. and was extremely impressed with all of them. I get an answer every time I call and they are usually here within the hour. Every driver has been respectful and professional. If I have a question they are quick to answer and enlighten me on some great information. Never once have I had a problem. They bring quality buds both indoor and outdoor. Great smells, taste, effects, and looks. Have not ran across one I do not like. The concentrates and edibles are very yummy and effective as well. Quotes
Satisfied Donator

Quotes Since i have found ethnobotianica ik have recommended it to my roommate and my friends who all have recommendations. compared to other co-ops and delivery services they are a cut above the rest with honest prices great service and a smiling face. I have never once had an awkward moment when calling for my medicine and only wish they could deliver to Santa Maria More often since we dont have any places that can even hold a candle to the kind of quality cannabis Ethno has. i fully support this co-op and all involved in providing their patients with the best of the best. Michael C. Quotes
Pleasantly Surprised

Quotes TOTALLY DISSATISFIED!!! I called for a delivery and the driver informed me it would be 45 to 1 hr. 2hrs. went by I called dispatch they had the driver call and he informed me we were next he was still in same place and would be another hr. So I cancelled and went with my reg. I wanted variety but not with this service .A phone call from the driver before I called him would of been COURTEOUS...There are other places with better quality and service. a lil more pricey but they are friendly courteous and ALWAYS TOP SHELF THE BENEFITS ARE WORTH IT...... Quotes

Quotes Just a quick word to say what a respectful and understanding experience I have had with this service. For a working class guy like myself it is often a challenge to obtain medicaton that can be counted on to do its job, and that will fit into my bsy schedule. My driver Jeff cam to me at my convenience and made the process easy and time effective. The menu stays updated and accurate....thank you for taking the guesswork and stress out of the process. i recommend this to anyone who has the need for fast discreet delivery or the highest quality medcation. Quotes
Its about time

Quotes Pot deli always has a premium quantity of quality top shelf buds, even outdoor buds for great prices too. Their staff always answers calls, if not I usually receive a call within minutes. Delivery times (ranging to an hour) are standard for services of this type. You will not be letdown if you try potdeli! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Because I am disabled and on a fixed income, I am hoping you do not change the $30 minimum to $50... Hi Terri, We understand times are tough. If you cannot afford to meet the $50 minimum, give the office a call and we'll see if we can work something out. We are here to help those in need. Quotes
Suggestion, PLEASE
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