Quotes Hey guys, The registration and delivery procedures are way e-z. The meds are of high quality and very reasonably priced and the EBO(EthnoBotanica) personnel are kind and informative. As I am disabled, getting around is a bit of a hassle. Having my medications delivered is worth every cent of the delivery charge. Some grocery stores will deliver your groceries. Luigis will deliver your pizza pie. Sooo, why not have your medications delivered right to your door too. Thanx EBO, for the great service you provide. Mark me down as a satisfied customer. Quotes
Mellow Yellow

Quotes I've been to dispensaries, etc. across the state, and this service is already on my short list. Quotes
Best service on the peninsula

Quotes I can't believe I'm the first to leave a testimonial!.....Great coop! Great medicines! Great prices! Great Driver! Thanks to all, nypaulie Quotes
Satisfied Senior

Quotes Aside from the time it took to get my delivery, (stormy weather didn't help!), I have been extremely satisfied. Great selection of medication at a fair price. Been waiting for a co-op like this. Thanks! Quotes
Very Satisfied

Quotes For the past three years I have been lifting cases of wine every day for work. As you can imagine, it causes a world of pain to my back and body. So after many doctors and failed prescriptions, I am happy to say I found Ethnobotanica, now I can get great medicine with the peace of knowing its from a good place, in the safety of my own home. Thanks guys, keep up the good work. Quotes
Wine guy, Whines no more!

Quotes Thanks so much. We just used your service again and what a difference in just one week! Everything was professional and well presented. The new labels and jars are great. Keep up the good work. Quotes
Satisfied Again

Quotes What a great delivery service. This was the first time we had used it. K. , the driver, was very patient. My wife was able to get medicine that really worked, delivered to our door, at a fantastic price. Thanks for the goodies as new members. This was much better than driving for two + hours as we had been doing. Happy New Year. Quotes
What a great service

Quotes Hell yeah, you guys rock! Quotes
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