We no longer deliver to San Luis Obispo County. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please be well.

Becoming A Member

There are a few short steps to becoming a member with Ethnobotanica:

1) First, familiarize yourself with the info on this page and the rest of the website, which explains how we are organized and generally work. You might want to take a look at our menu as well, so you know what kind of medication you can expect from us.

2) With your recommendation in-hand, call our office @ 1-877-POT-DELI (1-877-768-3354) , ext. 2, to have your physician's recommendation for medical cannabis verified by the Ethnobotanica Ombuds Staff.  You can also verify by filling out our online verification form, (see above under "Verification") but phone verification is generally faster.

3) Schedule your first delivery!  The driver will have a membership agreement for you to sign, which has some statements that allow the collective to carry out the functions necessary to provide you with your medical cannabis.  You can also download a copy of the membership agreement HERE to review the agreement and make your first delivery faster.

*  If you have a Caregiver, defined strictly as someone who consistently cares for one's housing, health, AND safety, then please also download this CAREGIVER CERTIFICATION so that your caregiver can act on your behalf.  If you are not able to do this in advance, be sure to let the driver know you will need him to bring along the Caregiver Form.  On the first delivery, both the member and caregiver must be present.

Please Note:

*   The online application is an alternate verification method, as opposed to calling, but is not an alternative to the "Ethnobotanica Membership Agreement".


New Member Info

Ethnobotanica was founded in 2004 by a group of friends looking for a way to grow our own low cost, high quality medication. Through the years, we have established Ethnobotanica is an organization that strives to serve a large member base, spanning a broad spectrum of personal needs.  The following information is provided to you, the member, to allow you to enjoy the full potential of membership and to assure safe and secure access for all members by compliance with California State Cannabis Laws (11362.5, 11362.7, et. seq.) and the Attorney General's "Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Medical Marijuana". Ethnobotanica is a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Collective registered with the Secretary of State.

Ethnobotanica is permitted to sell Medical Marijuana through the Board of Equalization.  This means that we pay a sales tax of 7.5% to 9.25% on all purchases from the Collective, depending on the location of the delivery.  To simplify sales and accounting, we only charge Members the current base rate for California sales tax.  Ethnobotanica handles all additional district taxes. 

Ethnobotanica is not a dispensary.  We are a non-profit collective, which distributes Cannabis medication to it's members through deliveries.  By purchasing  your medication through your collective, you support the growth of that medication by members like yourselves, in a manner consistent with the collective member base.

Our Medical Cannabis prices are set per gram ($5 to $15 per depending on stock), and set in a manner to cover overhead expenses (Please see the menu for current stock and prices). We also have a mix and match quantity discount scale that ranges from 5 - 20% off any delivery.  The breakdown is found at the top of each menu page.  We also have a Compassionate Discount Program to help those in need. 

We no longer charge a delivery fee with our minimum order of $30.   Please contact the closest driver if you live outside of a populated urban area.  Advanced scheduling may be necessary, and extra delivery fees may apply to help compensate for the extra time and gas.  Please see the "Locations and Hours" page for maps and more info regarding additional fee areas.  There is also a one ounce per member, per week limit.

An organization like Ethnobotanica has its advantages and disadvantages.  Generally, members enjoy lower cost medication than black market or "dispensary" type organizations, even after all of the overhead of a legally organized collective. Members also get the access and input of a true collective through one on one driver communication, and an open office line.  However, due to the complications involved with growing medication specifically for members, variety and quantity can be limited according to availability. 

Our primary form of communication with members regarding work-trade opportunities, events, etc is through e-mail.  PLEASE ADD [email protected] TO YOUR E-MAIL CONTACTS, so our e-mail doesn't go in your junk folder.  You can join our mailing list to receive a weekly stock update and any truly important collective info.