Special Discounts

Compassionate Discount Program
We are not currently accepting new Compassionate Discount Applications.  We apologize, and want to assure you that helping our members is still one of our highest priorities.
Due to the complicated nature of new CA Cannabis Regulations and tax structures, we are forced to re-evaluate and attempt to re-structure our program.  Please check back for more information after January.

Please Note:  The Compassionate Discount Program is for members with BOTH serious health issues and financial limitations, as well as Military Veterans.  It is not a discount which can be applied immediately, and requires an enrollment process. 

Our Compassionate Discount Program is growing rapidly, although it has proven to be a more complicated process than we expected.  We are working to create a program that will be both fair, and sustainable.  One concern we have had to tackle is that we do not want to employ an arbitrary system for certifying members, and do not feel we are qualified to be assessing personal medical and financial paperwork.

With that in mind, we have decided to start things off by offering a 10% (recently increased to 15%) discount to members who are disabled.  If you are receiving disability or retirement benefits via Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income, you may provide either a letter from the SSA stating your benefit amount, or a check stub, to qualify.  Please have documentation available when the driver arrives for a delivery, so that they may take a photo for your file. In most circumstances the discount can be applied on the same delivery. (If you are currently applying for, or appealing decisions from these programs, please call Stephanie on ext.10) This discount can, and should if at all possible, be used on top of a quantity discount.  There will be limits on the amount than can be purchased at this discount, but we will work with you to make sure your personal medical needs are met.

Veterans may also submit verifying paperwork for an initial 10% (now 15%) discount.  Please have documentation ready when the driver arrives for a delivery, so that they may take a photo for your file.

For members who are terminally ill, or in otherwise more severe circumstances, we will create a discount level on a case by case basis.  These special discounts will require additional information, but can range from 20% to 100% discount.

To speak with staff about the program, call our main office.  If your case is straight forward, the process will be very simple; if it is a special circumstance, you may be asked to contact Stephanie and the process may require some additional time.

Email:    [email protected]

Phone:  1.877.768.3354 ext.2