Employment at Ethnobotanica

At Ethnobotanica...

We do our best to provide a valuable service to our members, and expect each employee to take the same pride in serving their fellow members. Ethnobotanica runs above the board, and hopes to improve opinions of the Medical Marijuana Industry by being a productive, contributing member of our local communities.  We are also dedicated to our staff and are continually trying to improve their standard of living. 


To apply for employment, please fill out our online application, and follow all additional instructions.  Thank you!

Now Hiring For:

* Monterey County Delivery Driver
* SLO County Delivery Driver

Online Job Application

Upon hiring, you will be required to become a member of Ethnobotanica.  Becoming a member requires that you have a current recommendation for medical Cannabis.  We will check the recommendation status of all applicants prior to hiring.

Please fill out our online application by clicking here.  Be sure to attach your resume to the form!

If you would like to follow up, or have additional documents to send - please email: humanresources@potdeli.org

Please be sure to note in the email which position you are applying for!