Lab Testing with SCLabs

We send all of our products in for full cannabinoid profiling tests. As the results come back, we will post them on our menu (the lab is very busy, so there are occasional delays, but we post them the moment we have them). You can check out the list of strains we've tested at www.sclabs.com, or click on the links in the menu below to see results for each strain.

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Organic Purple Nepal Pre-Packaged 1/8th - 14.42% Total Cannabinoids

$40 / eighth

Floral smells reminiscent of lavender and berries abound in this colorful indica variety. Purple Nepal produces a relaxing body high that induces considerably less couch-lock compared to similar indica varieties.

Organic Chiesel Pre-Packaged 1/8th - 22.1% Total Cannabinoids

$45 / eighth


Vivid green hues and an aroma of wood, diesel fuel, and cheese help make this strain stand out from many others - the energetic high makes it a capable strain for daytime use.

Organic Lamb's Bread Pre-Packaged 1/8th - 24.49% Total Cannabinoids

$45 / eighth


As uplifting and euphoric as the Caribbean Islands it originates from, Lamb's Bread is a staple strain for daytime use. Bright green colors are contrasted by vivid orange pistils.

Organic Pooh Pre-Packaged 1/8th - 16.5% Total Cannabinoids 

$45 / eighth


A smaller version of Pooh, a relaxing and mellow strain with an aroma of tropical fruit and rich dessert, this flower is sure to help one unwind at the end of the day. 

View the lab results

Organic Strawberry Cough Pre-Packaged 1/8th - 20.81% Total Cannabinoids

$45 / eighth


Strawberry Cough exhibits a strong aroma of strawberries and light hay, hinting at it's strong cerebral effects that result in a happy and uplifting effect, making it an excellent strain for daytime use.

All Natural RAW Cones

$4 / Roll

An all natural Raw cone filled with assorted strains' sugar-leaf