Helpful Tips

How To Best Enjoy C02 Products

  • Disconnect the cartridge when not in use. 
  • Prevent potential leaks by disconnecting the cart from the battery. Store the cart in its tube when you're not using it.
  • Store tip down. There is a small rubber stopper inside the mouthpiece that reliably keeps the extract inside the cartridge for storage.
  • Turn tip up before using. Make sure you keep the tip up when you're using it so the extract can settle to the bottom of the cartridge. Brite Labs extracts are thick because we do not use additives or thinners.
  • Never leave the cartridge on its side, especially when connected to a battery. The cartridge is designed with small air-flow holes in the threaded base, which can allow extract to leak out if the cartridge is stored on its side for too long.
  • Keep your battery charged. If you detect a change in flavor, your battery may be low on power. This means less juice to the heating element and less efficient vaporization. It can even create a "burned" flavor.

Cannabis Delivery Methods

  • Smoking or vaporizing cannabis is by far the fastest and most familiar method of consumption - the quick reaction time between consumption through inhalation and onset of effects makes this delivery method ideal for those looking for an immediate onset of effects.
  • Smoking or vaporizing cannabis will result in effects that last for a few hours, depending on a number of factors including but not limited to -  height, weight, age, gender, sex, and tolerance level.
  • Vaporizing cannabis using either an herbal vaporizer or vaporizing a concentrated cannabis product is generally considered to be a better alternative to combustible methods of consumption - the oils surrounding the cannabis flower, or the concentrated oil itself, is heated to a vaporized level before inhalation without producing combustion of the product.

  • Edibles come in a variety of forms and products, as cannabis can readily be infused into most foods and beverages. One of the most popular forms of consumption, edibles generally have a longer time period until onset of effects, while also producing a more potent form of THC when it is processed, so caution is urged to even those familiar with other forms of cannabis consumption. 
  • Due to the long time period until onset of effects, as well as the strength of most edible products and the "sudden" sensation of effects occurring when they do onset, it can often be easy to consume too many edibles in too short a time for those inexperienced with their use - the general rule is to start low and go slow, which means to take a smaller dose (usually 2.5mg - 10mg) and wait 1-3 hours for onset of effects before consuming more.
  • Edibles can be quite effective for those looking for prolonged effects - for example, sedative effects of an indica edible will last longer than the sedative effects of smoked or vaporized indica cannabis, making it potentially more useful as a sleep aid.
  • All edible products will be more sedative than their smoked/vaporized counterparts - this is due to how the THC breaks down through edible consumption, so keep this in mind even when using sativa-based edible products.

  • Tinctures and sublingual consumption methods of cannabis have been in use for a long time period - they are generally produced from cannabis-infused alcohols or vegetable oils. They have a medium-onset time for effects, generally taking 20-60 minutes to take effect. The duration of effects is likewise a medium-length time frame, somewhere between smoking/vaporizing and consuming edibles. 
  • Some companies add other beneficial herbs and ingredients to their tinctures, such as indica-variety tinctures infused with chamomile for example, helping to tailor the effects to certain needs.
  • Tinctures and sprays often have long shelf-lives if kept in a cool, dry location.