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Extended Delivery Area Fees

       Most of the members, most of the time, will have no additional delivery fee. However, some of our members live in what we call "extended" delivery areas. These locations are outside a populated urban area, and take significantly longer to get to, costing our drivers gas beyond what is normally taken into consideration when paying them. For this reason, deliveries outside of our normal areas will incur an extra $0.50 per mile for every mile outside of our regular delivery area. This is the standard rate we pay our drivers, and all of the additional fee goes directly to the drivers for vehicle expenses. In addition, these deliveries may be required to take place at the beginning or end of regular shifts, so as to not impede deliveries to our regular service areas during busier hours. 

We appreciate your support and understanding for helping us provide service to these extended areas.

Quantity Discounts

7 - 13.9 grams

14 - 20.9 grams

21 - 27.9 grams

28 + grams

= 5% Off

= 10% Off

= 15% Off

= 20% Off

Each edible and concentrates count towards the quantity discounts, so feel free to mix and match!

Maximum weekly allowance is 28 grams per patient or equivalent. Proof of income and medical need is required to exceed these limits.

Why do we charge Sales Tax??

*Sales Tax is NOT included in price per gram or any other of our products.    Please check out this link to explain why.